Cloudbox File Sharing

The DLS is now offering our users a file sharing service similar to dropbox. Here you can securly share files that may be too large to send via e-mail. You have the ability to set an expiration date for the link that is used to share the file and you can also password protect the file. We recommend using either Internet Explorer or Chrome browser for this service but Firefox should work as well. To request access please contact the DLS Helpdesk. Below please find step by step on using Cloudbox.

1) To access cloudbox please open a browser window and visit  this will bring you to the login screen below:


2) Here you can log in with your DLS username and password, which will then bring you to the window below. Once you are there you want to go to the top right hand corner where it says Jump to and click the drop down arrow and choose File Sharing (see below):

3) Once you have clicke don file sharing here you can start the process of uploading files. Click on Send files on the top left (see below):

4) Here you will specify all the details about what you are sending and to which reciepients, see below example, all the fields are pretty self explanatory. Once you are done with the details below click Next:

5) Here you will upload the files you want to share. Please note the highlighted detail below:

When you click browse, you will have the option tp upload a new file from your computer or share a file that you already have in cloudbox 


6) once the upload is complete you should then see the below confirmation page: