Wireless Network

These instructions are for Mac OS X 10.5

If you are unsure what version of Mac OS X you have, click on the Apple in the upper left and and select About This Mac. Look at the version on the second line.  There are separate instructions for other Mac OS versions.

These steps are required the first time you connect to the DLSWireless-Secure wireless network and  may require an administrator account on your Mac.  After this connection has been configured you should be able to reconnect automatcally.


1. Select "Open Network Preferences..." from the wireless icon on the upper right of your desktop OR Open the Network preference panel under System Preferences - Network.



2. Verify that Airport Status is On, then select DLSWireless-Secure from the available wireless networks under "Network Name".


3. You will be prompted to enter your DLS Username and Password to connect; typically your DLS username is your last name.


4. You may receive a notice to verify the security certificate of the server.  In order to connect without this notice each time, click "Show Certificate", ensure that "Always trust "dlsnps.rutgers.edu" is checked, and click "Continue".




5. You may also be prompted for your local Mac administrative account in order to confirm the setting change.  This is probably NOT your DLS username and password unless your computer is joined to the DLS domain.


6. Your Network Preferences panel for Airport should now show that you are connected securely to the DLSWireless-Secure network and have a valid IP address.  Click Apply to complete the setup.


7. Later, to reconnect to the DLSWireless-Secure network, you may need to go back into Network Preferences panel and select DLSWireless-Secure again under Network Name and may be prompted to Allow access to your username and password to reconnect.  Select "Always Allow" to remember your username and password and automatically be reconnected to the DLSWireless-Secure network.



If you are having any difficulty with this tutorial, please feel free to contact helpdesk@dls.rutgers.edu for further assistance.