Wireless Network

These instructions are for Windows 7 and 8.

If you are unsure what version of Windows you have, open Control Panel and click System.  

These steps are required the first time you connect to the DLSWireless-Secure wireless network and  may require an administrative account on your computer.  After this connection has been configured you should reconnect automatically.


1. First, ensure your Wireless networking is turned on.  Then left click on the Wireless Networking icon on the Windows task bar and select "Open Network and Sharing Center" OR  open Control Panel and click on "View Network Status and Tasks" under "Network and Internet".



2.     Click "Manage Wireless Networks from the left menu.


3. Ensure there are no current networks named "DLSWireless-Secure", if so right click and "Remove" it.  Then click "Add" to create a new Wireless Network.


4.     Select "Manually create a network profile".


5. Enter the following information:   *Please note that Network name IS case sensitive!

     Network Name = DLSWireless-Secure
     Security Type = WPA2-Enterprise
     Encryption Type = AES

Then click Next.  


6.  Click "Change Connection Settings" to go back into the wireless connection settings.


7. Click the Security tab and then Settings under network authentication method.


8. Uncheck the "Validate server certificate" and click Ok..


9. Click the Advanced Settings button.


10. Click on "Specify authentication mode" and then select "Computer Authentication" from the drop down list, then click Ok.


11. When prompted type your DLS username and password.  Domain can be left blank or enter "LIFE_SCIENCES".  You may need to enter this 2-3 times before it works initially.


12. Select "Work network" from the Network Location list, then click Close on the following screen to confirm your connection.




13. You should now be connected to the DLSWireless-Secure network.  Verify connectivity by left clicking on the wireless network icon on the lower right.


If you are having any difficulty with this tutorial, please feel free to contact helpdesk@dls.rutgers.edu for further assistance.