Faculty Salary Equity Adjustments

Article 8, Part Five, B of the current faculty contract between the University and the Rutgers AAUP-AFT makes provisions for salary adjustments based on equity. The language of the contract states:

The University may increase the salary of a member or members of the AAUP-AFT Bargaining unit in order to make equity adjustments based on factors such as external market salary benchmarks within relevant markets, the faculty member's individual benchmarking information, including but not limited to, teaching, service, and research achievements, and other relevant accomplishments, compared to relevant peers and with the recognition that Rutgers University prohibits discrimination based on any legally protected classifications, including but not limited to, gender and race. 


To implement this provision of the contract, SAS has established the following process: 

  • A faculty member requesting an equity adjustment shall submit a written request with supporting documentation to the Dean at equity@sas.rutgers.edu and copy UHR Compensation Services at payequityfaculty@hr.rutgers.edu
  • The faculty member's request should include supporting documentation which may include but need not be limited to the following:
    1. The faculty member's rank, department, school and field of study;
    2. A current curriculum vitae;
    3. A factual statement detailing why the faculty member is requesting an equity adjustment, with supporting documentation which may include but need not be limited to teaching, research, and service achievements and accomplishments;other relevant productivity and performance indicators; information regarding the quality and/or significance of the publication outlets in which the faculty member's work appears; notable courses and curriculum development and service to the University, the profession, and the public; and specific institutional and individual faculty comparators; and 
    4. Other documentation the faculty member wishes to submit.
  • Upon receipt of the submission of the faculty member, the Dean will communicate with UHR Compensation Services regarding the date for submission of the Dean's written comments and materials.
  • The Dean will submit comments and materials to UHR Compensation Services copying the faculty member, no later than four (4) weeks from receipt of the faculty member's request. 
  • Subsequent stages of the process will be managed by UHR and the Chancellor's Office, as stipulated in the contract.


For more information on Faculty Salary Equity, please see the University Faculty Salary Equity Review Guidelines in supplement to the 2018-22 University/AAUP-AFT Agreement, Article 8, Part Five, B. 


Faculty Salary Equity Review Request Form - Faculty should complete parts I and II of this form (including assembly of supporting documentation). 


For SAS specific questions regarding the Faculty Salary Pay Equity, please email equity@sas.rutgers.edu or contact your Director of Administration.