Part-Time Lecturers and Co-Adjutant (PTL/Coad)

Part-Time Lecturer and Co-adjutant Definitions

Part-Time Lecturer (also referred to as a “PTL”) is an employee hired to teach either: a full course (including a laboratory course) for one full semester or to teach a recitation section for a full semester, or at least two consecutive seven-week courses in a semester, or at least a 12-week course in a semester in the PALS Program, and who performs services associated only with that course and is not otherwise Rutgers employee, such as preparation of syllabus, grading examinations and papers, and meeting students during assigned office hours.

Co-adjutants (also referred to as "Co-ads") are individuals who either teach during the academic year and are otherwise regularly appointed employees with a 50% or more Class 1 appointment, or individuals who teach less than a full semester during an academic year. Co-adjutant Non-Teaching Appointments are employees who do research and other non-teaching academic support duties when the individual is hired for less than a semester or for a full Fall or Spring semester. 

ROCS Posting Process

A ROCS posting will need to be created for the candidate to apply. Please see below for useful resources regarding the ROCS faculty posting. Once the Finalist is identified, this will also initiate the background check process. 

SAS Appointment Process

An appointment letter will be generated via the PTL/Coad Appointment Portal. Continuing our practice, class enrollment must be at least 15 and Graduate Course enrollment must be at least 5 before appointments will be approved. Exceptions will be made only with Division Dean approval. Once the request flows throughout each approval process, a letter will be generated via the DocuSign system. The employee will need to sign the offer letter via DocuSign. The signed forms will be available for both the department and SAS HR via the PTL/Coad Appointment Portal. Please have the employee complete the Oath or Affirmation (required for first time appointments) and Determination of Titles Worksheet and retain the originals in the department. You will be responsible for producing these forms when they are requested.

After completion of a successful background check and signed offer letter, the candidate should contact the SAS On-boarding Team to complete the necessary new hire paperwork. 

If this is considered a reappointment, the department can enter the Request for Reappointment in HCM by attaching the appropriate documents.

PTL Advancement

Please visit the 'PTL Advancement Notification Dates for Fall 2020' page for further details and relevant timeline.

PTL Professional Development Fund

Part Time Lecturers (PTL's) are members of the AAUP-AFT and are covered by a collective negotiations agreement. One component of the agreement is the Professional Development Fund. The fund is administered by the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research. Only PTL's with bargaining unit status shall be eligible to apply for money from this Fund. 

To obtain the required Dean’s signature, all applications should be submitted to the SAS Office of Undergraduate Education at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 2, 2020. The committee the Executive Dean has designated for this purpose will review applications in light of the criteria stated in Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs’ memorandum and forward them to the Office of Academic Labor Relations by the March 9th deadline.

PTL Notifications

Under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, notice must be given two (2) weeks prior to the start of the semester as opposed to one (1) week in the previous contract. 

SAS Contact Information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Departments in Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Departments in Math & Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Centers


PTL/CoAd Appointment Portal Process
Determination of Titles Worksheet 

Job Class Codes 
Oath or Affirmation- required for first time appointments
Multiple Assignment Matrix
PTL Tuition Remission Application
Part Time Lecturer Collective Bargaining Agreement 2018-2022

Resources for PTL Advancement 

Appendix D-1: Evaluation for Advancement Form
Class Observation Report (required for first time PTLs)
Appendix C: (required for each semester for which PTL has an appointment)

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