May 13, 2021 

Departments may begin entering TA/GA appointments into the School of Arts and Sciences Appointment Portal for Fall 2021. Enter a New Submission for Teaching or Graduate Assistants who are receiving a new appointment and for those being reappointed. A formal appointment letter will be issued by this office after the appointments are approved.

The Agreement (Article 8, PART THREE) provides the minimum base salary for full-time teaching and graduate assistants. The minimum base salary for academic year appointments for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 is $30,162 and $33,999 for calendar year appointments. TAs and GAs may be paid above the minimum base salary rate, which shall become the individual base salary for future appointments.

Please be advised that the appointment letter for appointments for fiscal year 2021-2022 has been modified to reflect the terms of a Memorandum of Agreement recently executed between the University and the AAUP-AFT, as well as other unions, on or about March 29, 2021, with respect to the University’s June 8, 2020 declaration of a fiscal emergency (“FEMOA”). The appointment letter has been revised to include language concerning the payment of the TA and GA minimum base salary for fiscal year 2021-2022 as reflected in the FEMOA.

Please reach out to your DDA's to obtain guidance on processing an Exception Request Form (ERF) for these appointments.


SAS Contact Information

Jayla Jackson for Departments in Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences
Denise McNair-Sanders for Departments in Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Centers
Kisha Phillips - Human Resources Manager