Faculty Details

General Guidelines - Packet

The following SAS guidelines supplement the official instructions from the Office of Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

pdf FORM 1-a (227 KB)  (use FORM II-1 for promotion to Distinguished Professor)

  • Candidate Information
    • Put "XX" before Appointment as, or Reappointment as, or Promotion to
    • Department: if shared appointment, include secondary unit
    • Budgetary Information: indicate percentages (e.g., English 75%, Women’s and Gender Studies 25%)

  • Teaching Charts
    • The Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR) will produce Teaching Charts for use in promotion packets for current faculty.  We have been told that the Office for Academic Affairs will forward the CTAAR charts to the various deans’ offices by mid-August.  As soon as we receive the charts, we will forward them to you.
    • The charts will be “pre-filled” with most of the required information.  You will need to insert any missing information (e.g., Fall 2013 courses).  In addition, you will need to identify semesters when the faculty member was not teaching and provide the reason (e.g., sabbatical, CFL); this may be done by footnote.  If particular evaluations are not available, provide footnote explaining their absence.
    • If you choose not to use the CTAAR charts, you must complete the teaching chart on your own.
    • Include footnotes at end on Teaching grid if additional explanation is necessary.
    • Do not include Independent Study Courses on teaching charts.

  • Scholarship
    • Explain contribution to co-authored work.

FORM 2 (Criteria Applicable to this Candidate)

FORM 3 (Report on External Confidential Letters)

  • List ALL referees who responded positively to the Pre-Solicitation and were sent a Solicitation letter, even if they did not send a letter
  • List referee's name, institute of affiliation, and relationship to candidate
  • Attach 1 sample solicitation letter, even if letter was sent on different days
  • Need a minimum of 7 letters of evaluation (8-10 the norm)
  • Provide explanation for letters arriving after department meeting
  • Include typed version of any handwritten letters
  • BE CAREFUL: If the writer sent both a hard copy letter and an emailed copy, enter the received date of each format under "Response Rec'd Date." Do not list the date on the letter itself.  Date stamp letters, faxes and e-mails when they arrive in the Department to facilitate this process. 

FORM 3-a (Letter cover sheet) and EXTERNAL LETTERS

  • Use biosketches from external referees to complete Forms 3-a
  • Biosketches and cv’s should be kept in the department
  • Place Forms 3-a and letters in the same order as they appear on Form 3 listing
  • Include completed Form 3-a even if referee did not respond
  • List full title of referee (same as it appears on referee’s letterhead)
  • Explain rank lower than Professor I
  • Provide details on field and standing of evaluator
  • Check external letters: if letterhead differs from evaluators' institution of affiliation, (listed on Form 3-a), explain discrepancy (e.g. currently on leave at UCLA)
  • Check that “relationship to candidate” corresponds with what is written in the letter
  • Make sure “relationship to candidate” on Form 3 and Form 3-a’s are consistent

FORM 4 (Departmental Narrative)

  • Must not identify external referees
  • Information in narrative must coincide with information in Form 1-a/II-1
  • Address negative votes and/or abstentions in the narrative
  • Address negative external letters in the narrative
  • Describe anticipated teaching responsibilities for new appointments
  • Address necessity of an early evaluation (5th year), if applicable
  • Last page - TWO checks
  • 2/3 vote is necessary to be credited as “positive” vote; include positive, negative and abstaining
  • For ad hoc department members, include home department name
  • Attachments follow FORM 4
    • If Reading Committee Report attached, must be attached for all candidates in department
    • If shared appointment, attach memorandum from Secondary Department/Unit
    • Reports must be dated before date of departmental meeting