Natural Account Listing

Natural Accounts are five digit numbers that identify the nature of the transaction.  These accounts were referred to as object or sub codes in the prior legacy general ledger system and contained only four digits. The current (Oracle) system uses the same four digits in addtion to either adding a 0 to the beginning of object codes or a 0 to the end of sub codes.

Click the link below to view a list of all the natural accounts.  Please note that the natural account list can change.  The Discoverer report "FD COA Segment Listing - Natural Account Listing" will provide the most current listing of natural accounts.  To learn how to generate this report, go to Generating Accounts List Using Discoverer.


List of Natural Accounts


A subset from the above natural account list is used by Grants and Contracts.  To learn more, go to Natural Account Listing for Grants.

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