Chart of Accounts

The general ledger uses a six segment structure called the document Chart of Accounts (865 KB) .  The six segments are Fund Group, Fund Source, Organization, Natural Account, Project and Future Use.  The fund source is often referred to as the account and is grouped in different categories as shown in the  pdf Account Types Used in Financial Reporting table.  Every general ledger account has both a budget responsibility code and an extended budget responsibility code (EBRC).  The budget responsibility code is a three character field which determines ownership of account.  The extended budget responsibility code provides flexibility by allowing additional graduated levels of security.

Natural Account and Other Lists

The Natural Account Listing page provides a listing of all available natural accounts.  For ones relating to grants, go to the Natural Account Listing for Grants page.  Discoverer can also be used to generate a list of natural accounts in addition to extended budget responsibility codes (EBRC), organization id's and fund sources.  Click here to learn how.

Opening a New Account (Fund Source)

To open a new unrestricted account, fill out a new account questionnaire (NAQ) and submit it to the Dean's Office for review.  If the Dean's Office approves the NAQ, it will be forwarded to Accounting for final approval.  See pdf opening an unrestricted account flowchart.

To open a new restricted or endowment account, a fund agreement must first be in place between the donor and Rutgers University Foundation (RUF) and the funds have been deposited into RUF.  Accounting will then send a NAQ to the department.   The NAQ is completed and forwarded to the Dean's Office for review.  After review, the Dean's Office will submit the NAQ to Accounting for final approval.  See opening a restricted account and opening an endowment account flowcharts.

Modifying an Account

Changes to an account need to be discussed with the accountant responsible for that particular account.  The responsible accountant can be found in the Discoverer report "FD Chart of Accounts (AI) - All Fund Sources with Limited Attributes."


Rutgers Personal and Professional Development Workshops offer a three-hour classroom session (Principles of Fund Accounting) that covers fund accounting.  The session provides a broad overview of accounting terms, concepts, and procedures in the Rutgers environment.  It also applies towards the Business/Accounting Certificate Program.

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