Reappointments Timetable for Department Chairs


February 3, 2020 - Deadline for reappointment and NTT promotion packets to be submitted to SAS

(For promotion to Associate Research Professor, Associate Teaching Professor, Teaching Professor, Research Professor, and Distinguished Research Professor): Contact Dale Koznecki for deadlines.


  • Provide URL for Academic Reappointment/ Promotion Instructions to reappointment candidates: (
  • Send 30-day notification letters to reappointment candidates (Instructions, Appendix F-1).  Text cannot be modified without prior approval.
  • If applicable, notify secondary department/unit of upcoming reappointment.
  • Work with reappointment candidate to assemble scholarly materials and draft Form 1-a and Personal Statement.  The candidate is responsible for completing Form 1-a, although departments are encouraged to help the candidate in this task.  Give the candidate a deadline for submission of completed Form 1-a to you (date should normally be in December).
    • Please note:  the candidate is strongly encouraged to generate their Form 1-a by filling in their Faculty Survey at  If the candidate has any questions about that process the candidate should contact Audrey Weinder, Institutional Research (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or 848-932-7331.

JANUARY (2020)

  • If applicable, make sure the secondary department/unit evaluation memo is received before the reappointment department meeting.
  • Hold department meeting to consider reappointment cases. Draft department narrative; invite comment from attendees at decision meeting.
  • Goal of reappointment reviews: careful review and discussion with the candidate of record and expectations for tenure.

FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Deadline for all reappointment packets to reach Dean’s Office.
Communicate with SAS if you expect any delay.

  • Deliver one copy of packet to the SAS Dean's Office, Room 002; keep the original packet in your office.
  • Upload packet into the SAS online Packet Depository (  Be sure to click on “FINAL: Submit to SAS Dean’s Office.”
  • Submit supplemental materials via the SAS online Packet Depository and/or hardcopy delivery to the SAS Dean’s Office.
  • After reviewing the packet, a packet reviewer will contact you via the Packet Depository System and will either address questions/concerns with the packet or ask you to deliver the original packet to the SAS Dean's Office, Room 002.

    The packet reviewers will enter their comments directly into the Packet Depository System and an email notification will be sent directly to you, asking you to log into the Packet Depository to view their comments. You have the ability to respond to their questions or ask questions of your own, directly in the Packet Depository System. When you are satisfied that you understand the revisions, please make the required changes in the original packet and then upload the revised documents. The packet reviewers will have unlocked the appropriate documents for you. Let the packet reviewers know, via the Packet Depository System, when you are done making all the changes. The packet reviewers will let you know when to deliver the original packet to the Dean's Office.


  • Final reappointment decisions are made in the Dean’s Office in late April or May.

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