Kisha supports all departments in the Math and Physical Sciences, Division of Life Sciences, and International programs.  She is responsible for the processing of Faculty Appointments inclusive of Part-Time Lecturers, Coadjutants, Teaching and Graduate Assistants, and Non Tenure-Track and Tenure-Track positions.  Kisha also handles and processes Summer Salary, Prior Service and SAS Committees. Kisha provides direction on the policies dictated by University Human Resources for her departments and reviews/approves department postings on the integrated online recruitment platform in ROCS (Recruitment, Onboarding and Classification System). 

Kisha joined Rutgers University in 1994 as a temporary employee in the FAS Dean’s Office.  She then began her full-time career in Facilities, followed by many years in the Division of Life Sciences, and in March of 2013, she joined the School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office.