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Administrative Staff Background Check Requirement

All Administrative Staff Class 1, 3, and 4 New Hires Require Successful Background Check  

UHR has informed us that consistent with a mandate from President Barchi, all administrative staff hires will be required to complete a successful background check prior to commencing employment. The requirement that all administrative staff Class 1, 3, and 4 (Casual and Seasonal) new hires complete a successful background check before starting employment becomes effective with all offers of employment made on March 26, 2018 and after. This applies to ALL staff hires with the exception of only Student Hourly employees (Class 5). Effective with all offers extended March 26, 2018 and after - a Certificate indicating successful completion of background check (provided by UHR) must be uploaded into the Payroll system (along with the offer letter) during the New Hire transaction. UHR will NOT approve any staff Hire transactions that do not have the background check Certification attached.

Rutgers is committed to providing a safe environment for our university community while ensuring that its academic and research missions are supported by qualified candidates. The basic background check requirement for all RU hires will include:

Social Security Verification
Sex Offender Registry Check
Criminal Background Check

There are additional checks available (at additional cost) and these should be discussed with SAS-HR and UHR at the time the Posting is being created.

The Rutgers Recruitment, Onboarding and Classification system (ROCs) is the system that will be used to facilitate the background check process. The Background Check process will be conducted completely within University Human Resources and the Office of General Counsel. Hiring units and SAS-HR will only receive a Certification that the candidate was cleared for hire or, that the candidate is not eligible for hire. All communication with the candidate regarding the background check and any findings therein, will be between UHR and the candidate. The cost for the background check will be covered by the President of the University through June 30, 2018. After June 30, 2018 the cost for background checks will be factored into the RCM funding for the School.

All positions must be Posted for the required minimum time (dependent on employee Class and relevant Contractual Bargaining Agreement). Candidates still must be Qualified by UHR and EEO prior to interviews (including Phone screen interviews). Once a final candidate has been identified by the Hiring Unit the Applicant Dispositions MUST be completed for ALL other applicants. SAS-HR will extend the contingent verbal offer (contingent upon successful completion of a background check) and then the contingent written offer of employment. The successful candidate (only ONE candidate) will be marked as Finalist in ROCs. Marking the candidate as Finalist automatically triggers the start of the background check process in UHR (therefore critical to mark only ONE Finalist). IF the Finalist was previously employed by the university, UHR will check with the Office of Labor Relations to determine if the Finalist is eligible for rehire, if yes, UHR proceeds to the background check. UHR then initiates the background check with the external provider (GIS). The background check process takes a minimum of 5 - 10 business days from the time the Finalist gives consent to the background check provider. Upon completion of the background check, SAS-HR will receive either the Certification indicating okay to hire, or notice that the Finalist is not eligible for hire. Again, the Certification from UHR indicating Okay to hire is a required attachment along with the signed offer letter for the Hire Transaction in the Payroll System.

Please note, UHR will NOT commence the background check process until the Applicant Dispositions are completed for all other applicants to the Posting. Also, since the ROCs Posting is used and only ONE Finalist should be selected per Posting - if a hiring unit has multiple vacancies for the same Job/Position Request - the Posting must be "cloned" so that there are equal Postings/Vacancies or an Evergreen Posting (open continuously for one year accepting applicants) utilized. SAS-HR and UHR can assist with cloning the Posting or advising if an Evergreen posting may be applicable.

Based on the time frame, UHR has advised that the tentative start date for new hires should allow three weeks from the date of the contingent offer. Again, Class 1, 3 and 4 (Casual and Seasonal) new hires CANNOT start employment until SAS-HR and the hiring unit have received the Certificate from UHR "okaying" the candidate for Hire.

If you have any questions about the background check requirement for all Class 1, 3, and 4 (Casual and Seasonal) hires please reach out to one of the following members of the SAS-HR team:

Rosemary Lane, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 848-932-6440
Kate Hellings, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 848-932-6441