HR News Item

Federal Work Study 2021 Pay Rate Increases

As of January 1, 2021, the minimum wage hourly rate will increase from $11/hr. to $12/hr. (Range 2). All Range 2 students will be automatically updated to the increased rate in the FWSP and PeopleSoft (payroll) systems. No further action is needed if your work study students fall into this pay category. 

Due to the minimum wage increase, the Student Employment Office has also increased the pay rate for Range 3 and Range 4 positions. Pay rate increases for these positions will not be automatically updated in PeopleSoft, and each department must manually request an Ad Hoc Salary increase for FWSP Range 3 and 4 pay rates. The increase will be as follows:

Range 3: New Rate: $13.80/hr. (previously: $12.90)
Range 4: New Rate: $16.25/hr. (previously: $15.40)

University Human Resources will NOT automatically process increases for these two ranges in the payroll system. If you have students who are currently paid at the Range 3 or 4 pay rates, you must process an Ad Hoc Salary Change in PeopleSoft effective January 19, 2021, to increase to the appropriate pay rate.