Faculty News

Summer Salary Processing

We can now process summer salary payments for 2015 with the Summer Salary Authorization form. 

For faculty who receive summer salary, please complete the form and email it to Nadia Meyers (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If the summer salary is charged to a state-funded 20 account, please attach backup/documentation.  We will review the form, sign it, and then email the approved form back to you.  Once you receive the approved form, please process the summer salary appointment in RIAS.  The approved Faculty Summer Salary Authorization Form must be attached in RIAS in order for the appointment to be approved by your designated approver and processed by UHR.  

More information on processing summer salaries in RIAS/HCM can be found on the Office of Academic Personnel at http://sas.rutgers.edu/home-oap, in the Appointments tab: http://sas.rutgers.edu/appointments.