I-9 and On-boarding Process

For Hiring Managers and Departments

  • Personnel or Department Hiring Manager verbally offers a position to the prospective employee
  • Employee accepts the offer
  • Personnel or Department Hiring Manager will begin the hiring process:
  • All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of background check in order to comply with University Policy. Departments will continue to utilize ROCS for their hires and move candidates through the workflow. Once a successful candidate has been identified, the department must move the candidate to “Finalist” state in ROCS. Once in the “Finalist” state, UHR will begin the Background Check Investigation “BGI” process. For frequently asked questions regarding the background check process, click here.
  • Please connect the new employee with SAS On-boarding Team in order to facilitate scheduling the new employee's I-9 appointment. To find out what is needed during the I-9 appointment , please visit our 'For New Employees and Rehires Page.' During the appointment with SAS HR, the I-9 will be processed and then the employee will be added into the HCM Rutgers Payroll system. Please note, the I-9 needs to be completed on or prior to the employee's start date in order to stay in compliance with Federal regulations. 
  • Please note, if the employee is being re-hired either by your department or elsewhere in the University, please check with our staff to ensure their I-9 has remained active and no break in work service has occurred. For employees who have not held continuous appointments, a new I-9 needs to be processed. Please contact the SAS On-boarding Team for clarification.
  • This process must be followed for Class 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 employees. Class 9 employees do not require an I-9 as these employees have no employer/employee relationship and typically include Graduate and Post-Doctoral fellows.Class 6 Teaching Assistants/Graduate Assistants do not require a backgroundd check clearance. 
  • Resources discussed with employee at I-9 appointment include: 
  • After the hire has been submitted into HCM by HR Staff, the department approver will be notified to review and approve the record. Finally, the hire will be reviewd by either University Human Resources or Academic Labor Relations. Once the payroll record has been finalized, the system will generate an Employee ID and the record will become active.  

Departmental/Hiring Manager Responsibilities 

Prior to the start date, the Department should:

  • Initiate Background Check Process
  • Schedule Benefit Orientation at University Human Resources for new employee
  • Request Email Account
  • Notify Facilities/IT of new hire
  • Provide employee with keys and/or swipe card access
  • Ensure workspace is ready (clean area, functional computer, etc.)
  • First week of Employment: 
    • Send email to department announcing the arrival of new employee (include name, title, office location, and contact information)
    • Update master phone lists and website to reflect new hire
    • Order New Name Plates
    • Update and distribute Emergency/Inclement Weather Contact List, if appropriate
    • Walk employee around to introduce employee to co-workers
    • Remind employee to submit completed benefit forms to University Human Resources within 30 days of hire
    • Remind employee to obtain a parking permit after they have received their first paycheck

  • 90 Days & Beyond:
    • Schedule time with new employee to review work performance prior to the end of the 90 day probationary period. Hiring Manager should be prepared to discuss performance against goals, review opportunities/challenges and next steps.


For a complete list of responsibilities, please visit the Supervisor Checklist for New Employees.

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