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Building Inclusive Communities/Spaces Training

During this workshop participants actively engage with the ways in which society has taught us to think, feel, and behave towards different identities. Through several different activities the group will be able to reflect, dialogue, discuss, and debrief where these messages came from and how they fit into systems of privilege, oppression, power, and bias.

Micoraggressions: Impact and Interventions

This training explores how these daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, perpetuate negative stereotypes and cause harm. Participants will gain skills to identify and interrupt microaggressions, learn how they relate to interpersonal violence, explore ways to ‘call-in’ colleagues and utilize microaffirmations to foster a safer and more inclusive community. This workshop was developed using an intersectional lens and seeks to amplify and...

Safe Space Training

We will participate in an interactive session during this workshop to learn how society has taught us to think about sexuality and gender and where these ideas originated. During this training, we will look at the concepts of privilege and oppression and discuss them in the context of ideological, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized oppression. The conversation will conclude with understanding active allyship.

Trust & Vulnerablity with a DEI Lens training

During this session will interrogate power within organizations - how vulnerability & trust is needed to continue to develop cultural competencies and ultimately critical leadership. Understanding organizational culture is foundational to understanding power dynamics that can be oppressive within workspaces. We will work through what it takes to conceptualize a culture of trust and vulnerability as we lead within our organization or team.

Leading and Learning through Conflict

11 May 2022
The SAS DEI Community Engagement Group invites you to register for the Leading & Learning Through Conflict training facilitated by Darnell Thompson, Assistant Director of Education, at the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBTQ Communities.  This session will build off our conversation about trust and vulnerability by talking about how we create a culture of accountability within an organization. We will identify what it means to learn when we are in conflict and how to intentionally repair...
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