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  • Mentoring is a strong and valuable tool for developing an employee. It occurs in a professional relationship that is voluntary and fostered by both persons.

  • Mentors provide higher amount of several types of career development functions including coaching, providing challenging assignments, or increasing the protégé’s exposure and visibility.

  • The One-on-One program is open to full-time staff members who are new to their position in SAS within their first year of employment.

  • The Mentoring Ring is open to any SAS full-time staff member.

An effective mentor can professionally guide the mentee while maintaining a friendly and supportive relationship. A mentor should always have the mentee's best interests in mind and tailor their mentorship style to meet the needs of the mentee.

Potential mentors should possess the following characteristics:

Leadership qualities

People oriented behavior

Knowledge of SAS’s mission and values

Commitment to developing staff and assisting others to be successful

  • Become a better leader

  • Learn more about the University

  • Shape the leaders of tomorrow

  • Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas

  • Change someone’s world

  • Exercise emotional intelligence

  • Strengthen the lessons you’ve already learned

  • Improve productivity

  • Feel good about yourself

You can apply any time on a rolling basis. Once a mentor is identified in-line with your objectives, you will be contacted to begin the program.

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