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Cornerstone Reports

Cornerstone provides reports to show activity in the General Ledger.

These reports can be found at

Projects are a subset of the General Ledger.  They represent monies earmarked for specific uses, such as faculty research funds, gifts, grants, and endowments. These reports will show you expenses (and revenue is applicable).   

    • By COA String- Pay Period

The FMS Employee Status Report will show you where people are being paid and what percentage is on the GL string or project(s). You will have 3 options to choose from for the Employee Status Report.

  1. Export List
  2. By COA Segment
  3. By Employee
    • This report will show you where individual employees are paid.  This report is not limited to your organization.  It will show organizations outside of your organization if applicable.  It will show you the percentage of the employees split (if applicable- example: faculty is in Department A at 40% an in Department B at 60%) SAS Guide on how to run the FMS Employee Status Report by Employee

The FMS Appointment Level Charging Instruction Report will show you the combination code in People Soft for each person in your department or center. SAS Guide on how to run the FMS Appointment Level Charging Instructions

The FMS Department Default ECI (Employee Charging Instructions) will show you what your department has selected as your default charging instructions when you add a new employee to People  Soft.

Every department as a string designated as the default to charge payroll against.  This can be a GL (General Ledger) string or sometimes it is a project string. SAS Guide on how to run the FMS Department Default ECI Report

  1. The system will not accept your search criteria (the "Apply" is not available to click- Apply Error)
    1. To fix, remove the check next to "All" Remove check and type in your search criteria, this will allow you to enter your search criteria and click "Apply"Apply works
  2. When you click download to your report, "Cross tab" is not an option


Payroll should be reviewed periodically through out the fiscal year to make sure people are being paid off of the correct string, or to make sure that leaves are properly recorded.

If you do not have access to Tableau for payroll purposes, please fill out the attached: Tableau Access Form


Common Payroll Account Codes-