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Purchasing (Procurement-SciQuest)

Purchasing allows for the purchasing of goods and services (including travel)  at the university. All purchases must be compliant with Procurement Policy.

Rutgers uses the following system for purchasing-

  • RU Marketplace (for procuring and paying goods and services)

Units are encouraged to procure goods and services from suppliers that have active contracts in place with Rutgers whenever possible.

RU Marketplace-

RU Marketplace is the system for purchasing good and services.  In order to access RU Marketplace, you must fill out a request form. To Access Marketplace Request Form

Users have different roles-

  • Shopper- default role; the shopper has the ability to browse catalogs but cannot place an order.  They can create a "shopping cart" and send it to the requisitioner.
  • Inquirer- the role assigned for people who can view purchasing requisitions and invoices.  They cannot submit a requisition or approve an invoice.
  • Requisitioner- the role assigned for people who submit purchasing requisition to RU Marketplace
  • Approver- the role assigned to individuals responsible for approving the requisition based on budget an policy.  An approver CQNNOT approve their own requisition. 
  • IPO Invoice Processor- the role assigned to individuals responsible for affirming a unit's purchasing requisition that involves an Internal Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders/Forms on RU Marketplace-

Purchase Orders are a legal document that contain a description of a requested good or service and the transaction conditions, including payment and delivery terms)

The RU Marketplace system also has forms that will supplement your purchase orders/request vendors/make changes to vendors

Types of Purchase Orders/Forms available on RU Marketplace-

  • Change Orders- Change orders will allow you  to close/cancel/ or modify  your purchase order
  • Check Requests- Check requests are used to for pay for some goods and services (such as honoraria and scholarships) They do not require the involvement of purchasing support.
  • Goods Requests- Goods requests are to be used to buy items for your organization.  These are items that can not be purchased through an internal purchase order or punch out request.
  • Internal Purchase Order- Internal Purchase Orders (IPO)  are goods and services purchased directly from other units in RU Marketplace.
  • Punch Out  Orders- These are order placed through contracted suppliers in the system.  Once the approvals are complete, RU Marketplace generates a punch out order directly to the supplier. 
  • Quick Orders- Quick Orders are purchase orders for goods under $10,000 that do no require the review of University Procurement services and may be sent directly to the supplier once the unit approvals are complete.  Quick Order may only be used to purchase goods. 
    • You can not use quick order on the following items (even if the cost is below $10,000)
      • Animals
      • Biological agents
      • Controlled substances
      • Equipment that requires a utilities hook-up
      • Furniture, carpeting and window treatments
      • Hazardous waste disposal
      • Imported equipment that requires customs clearance
      • Leases
      • Legal services
      • Lobbying services
      • Plaques to be affixed on buildings or University-owned property and monuments
      • Professional services
      • Radioactive materials
      • Select agents and toxins
      • Software and Cloud-Based Purchases
    • Submitting a Quick Order
  • Service Requests- Service requests are used to obtain services for your organization.
  • Supplemental Forms- Supplemental forms are used in conjunction with other purchase orders.  
    • Domestic Wire Forms
    • International wire Forms
    • Pre-Payment Requests

If you need to make a purchase that is not available on RU Marketplace, please consult Univeristy Procurement Services- Making a Purchase on how  to proceed and  what is necessary.

If you need any purchasing forms, they can be found on Procurement Services Forms Repository