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Non-aligned Performance Management System FY 2021 Goal Setting period is Open

The FY 2021 Goal Setting period opened August 1, 2020 in the Non-aligned Staff Performance Management System. The Goal Setting process should be completed by September 30, 2020.

The University Human Resources Performance Management Program website has various resources for the Manager/Supervisor, the Non-aligned Employee, as well as for Faculty who are Managers, to assist with the Goal Setting process.

Manager/Supervisor of Non-aligned Staff

  • At this time, you should be establishing the Performance Goals for the unit and for each of the Non-aligned staff who report to you. In establishing the Performance Goals please review the job duties of the Non-aligned Staff Employee and formulate Performance Goals (suggest 2 – 3) that encompass the critical duties of the position. In addition, identify 1 or 2 Performance Goals related to a project or initiative assigned or to be assigned to the employee. When defining the Performance Goal and establishing the Thresholds please develop SMART Goals with clearly articulated Thresholds.
  • At this time, you can also establish Development Goals (suggest 1 – 2) for the non-aligned staff employee.
  • Share the Performance and Development Goals with the Non-aligned Staff Employee. You may also cascade Performance Goals to an employee (s) on your Team.

Non-aligned Staff Employee (to be done concurrently with Manager steps above)

  • Access your FY 2021 Goal Plan from the Home page under My Goal Plans. Be sure to select the FY 2021 Goal Plan.
  • Complete the Initial Self Assessment by clicking Edit to the right in the Initial Self Assessment box. Be sure to Save your entries.
  • Begin to create Development Goals (to be aligned with a Competency) and Performance Goals for FY 2021.

Manager/Supervisor and Non-aligned Staff Employee

  • Discuss the Self-Assessment, Development, and Performance Goals and thresholds for FY2021.
  • The employee or the Manager/Supervisor may enter the Performance and Development Goals in the system including the relevant Thresholds.

Non-aligned Staff Employee

  • The Non-aligned Staff Employee should review their Goal Plan page to ensure you have Green checks in the headers of Self-Assessment, Developmental Goal and Performance Goal. If yes, you should scroll up and Submit for Approval button. Please note, this will lock the Goal Plan.
  • Complete the Attestation, checking the box, click Next and then Finish. The notification email will be sent to the Manager.


  • You will receive an email and the Notification Bell (upper right), from there you can access the employee’s Goal Plan. Click on Goal Plan Tab and click on Employee’s Name. If complete click Approve and the Goal Setting process is complete. If the Goal Plan is not acceptable, click Reject and make Comments about the changes needing to be made. This will unlock the Goal Plan and the Non-aligned Employee can make changes and Submit for Approval again.
  • Please forward this email to any Supervisors/Managers of Non-aligned employees and Non-aligned staff employees in your area who may not have received the email.

If you have any questions about the Non-aligned Performance Management system and the FY21 Goal Setting process, please email, Rosemary Lane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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