SAS Cornerstone Support

Cornerstone was designed to streamline processes across Rutgers University. This webpage was designed to assist with helpful information for both the Cornerstone System and the Chart of Accounts.

Cornerstone Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts is a mapping tool made up of multiple segments that will capture different aspects of a transaction. These numbers represent different aspects of a transaction. They are used to identify your department or center.

Chart of Accounts Listing


Cornerstone Systems

Cornerstone can be accessed through the myRutgers Portal.

The 4 main systems utilized are:

  1. Financial Management (Oracle Cloud)
    This is the General Ledger; you can find information about your General Ledger and Project Strings; process journal entries and advanced cost transfers; and run reports.

  2. Expense Management (Reimbursement System)
    This is the reimbursement system for faculty and staff. Rutgers University Policy and SAS Policy apply.

  3. RU Marketplace (SciQuest)
    This is the purchasing system for Rutgers. Rutgers University Policy and SAS Policy apply.

  4. Peoplesoft Management
    This is the Human Resources/payroll system