Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) is the School of Arts & Sciences (SAS) hub for instructional, research and service activities in mathematics, statistics, computer science and the physical sciences. A primary focus throughout the Division is to perform cutting-edge research and provide world-class education in areas covered by our departments and centers. Our educational programs seek to train the next generation of teachers, researchers, and professionals.

There are six academic departments in the division: Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, and Statistics. The Division also hosts several research centers and programs, including the Center for Condensed Matter Theory (CMT), Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS), Laboratory for Surface Modification (LSM), and New High Energy Theory Center (NHETC). The Division offers a rich set of PhD, MS, and undergraduate major and minor programs. 

The MPS administrative team works in partnership with the Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences to provide administrative leadership, guidance and support to division faculty staff and students in the areas of  Human Resources, Fiscal Operations, Facilities Management, Information Technology, and related Administrative Services.

The Office of Administration is located within the Office of the SAS Executive Dean at 77 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. 

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  • Thu Nguyen

    Thu Nguyen

    Dean of Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Anoop Ahluwalia

    Anoop Ahluwalia

    Executive Director of Administration, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Sangya Varma

    Sangya Varma

    Associate Dean, Program Development, MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES
  • Lauryn Siu

    Lauryn Siu

    Division Coordinator, Life Science and Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Peter Grote

    Peter Grote

    Director of Development, Mathematical and Physical Sciences