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Launched in the fall of 2020, the Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is a coordinated program with the goal of recruiting, developing and retaining talented staff members to serve the School and its mission of supporting our students and faculty in their education and research endeavors.  The overarching tenet of the initiative is that the School of Arts & Sciences should be a community that welcomes and values all its members and provides the tools and support for their success and personal and professional development.

The CEI has four functional areas: training, mentoring, professional development, and the staff diversity, equity, and inclusion plan.  Together, we hope these areas will create a workplace community that becomes the destination of choice for those who are drawn to Rutgers.  We encourage current SAS staff to take advantage of the program offerings and consider being part of the steering committees of each area.

To learn more about the Community Engagement Initiative or contact the members of the CEI Steering Committee please contact us at

Community Engagement Initiative