Surplus Furniture and Equipment Disposal

The University has very strict Fire Code regulations and will issue an Occupant Violation to any department that is found with furniture or equipment in building hallways.

Please make arrangements with Material Services to have Surplus furniture and equipment picked up to be sent to the Material Services Warehouse.This link will provide detailed information for Surplus Pickup & Disposal.

Please contact us if you have existing furniture that is considered to be in good condition for us to find out if there is another SAS department that may need it instead of sending it to the Surplus Warehouse.

If you need assistance with coordinating the removal of Surplus furniture, please contact us for assistance.

Click here to review the University policies related to equipment inventory and property management and the presentation from DGCA that provides helpful tips specific to Equipment Management.

Surplus Furniture Purchase

The Material Services Surplus Store contains Surplus furniture available for purchase at a very low cost. Many of our departments have had great success in finding what they need in the Surplus Store in lieu of purchasing new furniture.

Please visit the Surplus Sales page of the Material Services website at this link for their location and hours of operation.