In all cases, new furniture can be received, delivered and installed by the University's Surplus & Material Services division. information regarding these services and associated costs can be found on their website. Individual dealers also offer delivery and installation services at an additional cost.

If the existing furniture will be sent to the Material Services Warehouse, it is considered Surplus and a Surplus Form is needed. Please make arrangements with Material Services to have existing furniture picked up in coordination with new furniture deliveries. Departments are issued Fire Code Violations when surplus furniture or equipment is left in hallways, so it is imperative that surplus pickups be coordinated to coincide with new furniture deliveries.

Please contact us if you have existing furniture that is considered to be in good condition for us to find out if there is another SAS department that may need it instead of sending it to the Surplus Warehouse.

If you need assistance with coordinating the removal of existing furniture with new furniture delivery, please contact us for assistance.