SAS staff are valued members of the School community and we support investment in their short- and long-term growth, including ongoing “soft skills” training and career advancement opportunities.

Below is a list of self-paced learning opportunities currently available to Rutgers staff through LinkedIn Learning:


Using Your Personal Brand to Build Social and Political Capital

When: Thursday, April 28th from 12pm-1pm


Summary: Before Covid (B.C.), we spent years discussing, and wrestling with, the challenge of work-life balance. But then, COVID came along and one thing was and continues to be clear - no employer nor worker was prepared for what took over the world in 2020, and its impact on organizations and people. As we move through "After Disruption" (A.D.), we have discovered different ways of getting work done but the challenges associated with this new era reflect the need for how we "show up" in the organization ("personal brand") and how we build work relationships ("social equity and "political equity"). This seminar will give you the opportunity to build your understanding and tools to successfully manage this emerging "world of work".

The session will be led by Patti Ippoliti, a business executive, consultant, and business professor with experience in business transformation, leadership coaching and development, and human capital. She will be talking about utilizing your personal brand in order to build social and political capital for your professional development.


Workshop: Writing your Resume Right

Resumes have not gone away. In fact, they are as important as ever in your job search. In this fundamentals workshop we’ll discuss how to craft your resume effectively, what should be on, and not on, this critical job search marketing document, and answer your questions.

Presenters: David Bills, Associate Director for Career Advising and Scott Borden, Career Advisor, Career Exploration and Success

February 18 (Friday) 10:00-11:00am

Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 553 556 3062
Password: 054643

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