Provides resolutions to a diverse range of problems consistent with an understanding of the mission, vision, role and goals of the SAS and consistent with a comprehensive understanding of accounting in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, applicable regulations, and university policies and procedures.

  • Safeguards the assets of the School of Arts and Sciences by ensuring that all departmental financial transactions are reviewed for both funding availability and compliance with University and funding source regulations are audited and approved consistently.
  • Identifies and manages financial and operational risk.
  • Interprets, communicates and implements policies and practices to meet the needs of a diverse group of departments and centers.
  • Applies GAAP, University Policies and professional judgment with reviewing accounting transactions and monitors acct balances to ensure they are appropriately stated at month end/year-end.
  • Provides service to SAS departments and personnel, providing guidance on General Ledger account and Project related matters, as well as University policies and procedures.
  • Maintains accountability over assigned units, general ledger accounts and projects.
  • Reconciles and has oversight over financial data of assigned units.
  • Makes recommendations for improvements to business processes and practices; responds to inquiries from university central finance offices.


Tanya Ling, Manager Business Services P 848-932-6429;

Geir Jaegersen, Business Manager

P 848-932-6410;

Rozeena Rathore, Business Manager P 848-932-6428;
Manisha Shah, Business Manager P 848-932-6423;
Feng Wang, Business Manager P 848-932-3989;