Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The General Ledger is to be used when you are charging either personnel or non personnel expenses that support the operation of your organization.

A project is used for expenses associated with a specific purpose within the organization.  These funds can not be used for the general operation of your organization.

  • Internally Designated (projects that begin with "2")
  • Faculty Research (projects that begin with "3")
  • Gifts (projects that begin with "5")
  • Endowments (projects that begin with "6")
  • Grants (projects that begin with "8")
  • Cost Share (projects that begin with "9")
  • Log into Oracle (Cornerstone)
  • Click on Tools --> Reports and Analytics
  • Click on Browse Catalog
  • Open the Endowment Spend Allocation Status Dashboard by clicking on
    • Shared Folders --> Custom --> RU Saved Queries --> Projects --> Endowment Spend Allocation Status Dashboard
  • In the parameters section, you can search for your department's UDO, and then click "Apply"
  • A report will generate showing your department's endowed funds. There are four columns you will need to pay most attention to:
    • "Current Year Beginning Balance" will show any available amount carried over from the prior fiscal year.
    • "Current Year to Date Expense" shows the amount of expenses charged to the endowment fund for the current fiscal year.
    • "Full Year Projected Operating Income" shows the amount of income the endowment fund is projected to earn in the current fiscal year.
    • "Current YTD Projected Operating Balance" shows the amount of money available to spend (Beginning balance - YTD Expense + Projected Income).
  • Log into Oracle (Cornerstone)
  • Go to Projects--> Costs
  • Select Manage Project Costs
  • Select Transaction in question
    • Go to Costing
    • Click on View Accounting
  • Click on the triangle mark next to the line number, which will displace the JE Batch information
  • Screen Shots

This can be found in the "Go To Reports" of the Chancellor's Office website, or by clicking here!

  • GL to GL is through the journal entry function located on the "General Accounting" icon in "Financial Management (Oracle Cloud)
  • Project to GL or GL to Project is through the "Non-Cost Labor Adjustment" function that is found in the "Cost" icon located under the "Projects" icon in the "Financial Management (Oracle Cloud)"
  • Project to Project is through the "Split" or "Split and Transfer" action located "Manage Project Costs" function that is found in the "Cost" icon located under the "Projects" icon in the "Financial  Management (Oracle Cloud)"