The SAS Finance Team offers various reports to help you reconcile your finances.


You can look up both activity reports and payroll reports run by the budgeting team.

Log into Rutgers Box link or login to  Rutgers Box through your File Explorer to access the reports. 

  • Select Box_folder_name.jpeg
  • Select Monthly_Reports.jpeg
  • Select the fiscal year you wish to review and you can select either the payroll report for the fiscal year, or activity report on your General Ledger (GL) for the fiscal year.
    • Transaction_and_Payroll.jpeg

 **the transaction report will show General Ledger (GL) reports within the Board of Governors (BOG) fund type.

You can verify your budget vs. actual balances through the Budget vs. Actuals report located on Tableau.

You can find that report with this link:  Preliminary Budget for Current Fiscal Year vs. Actuals