Room Reservations

DLS Room Reservations

Room reservations are limited to DLS and HGINJ use - Calendars below are view only. In order to reserve a room please send a calendar request to the email designated for each room below.

Click here for a step by step guide how to schedule appointments in outlook

Nelson A210  Projector & Screen (VGA only), Whiteboard, conference table, Capacity 10

Nelson A237 Projector & screen (HDMI only), Built in Mac, Web Cam, Capacity 30

Nelson A302 Conference table, Capacity 10

Nelson A315a Screen, Conference Table, Capacity 10

Nelson B213 Conference Table. Capacity 10

Nelson B228  Projector & Screen (HDMI only), Built in Mac, Web Cam, Chalkboard, Capacity 40          

Nelson B321 Conference Table, Capacity 10

Nelson D406 Projector & Screen (HDMI), Whiteboard, Web Cam, Flat Screen w/ HDMI, Conference Table, Microphones, Capacity 70

LSB Auditorium & Atrium Stage, Podium, Projector & Screen (HDMI only), Whiteboard, Microphones, Capacity 54/332

LSB 251 Projector & Screen, Conference Table, Capacity 20

LSB 252

  1. Conference Table, Capacity 15