Remote Desktop Gateway

The DLS Remote desktop gateway allows DLS users to connect to a DLS desktop from home or while traveling. It requires no VPN connection but users will need to gain access by emailing the DLS Helpdesk. Below please find steps on how to use the RDP gateway.

1) From your home desktop/laptop in Windows go to All Programs--> Windows Accessories-->Remote Desktop Connection which will open the window below (You can also do a search from the start menu for Remote Desktop and pull it up that way):

remote desktop connect

2) In the computer field you want to specify the name of the desktop in the DLS you want to connect to. For example nel7-test123. Don't know what the name of the desktop in your office is? Follow these steps:

             a) On your desktop you have an icon that says either "My Computer" or "This PC", right click on that and go to properties you will get the below window. The computer name will be listed there

remote desktop2
3) Once you have entered the computername into the field you can also go ahead and enter the login for the desktop which should be your DLS account (life_sciences\username), then click on the "Show options" down arrow and it will open more more tabs and settings. Click on the Advanced tab and then click on Settings, see below
remote desktop3  

4) Here you will choose the second option and in the server name field type: (see above image) then click ok and connect. This should then start to log you into the desktop you specified.

remote desktop4