What is a Courtesy Appointment? 

A courtesy appointment is without compensation and sometimes referred to as an honorary appointment. A courtesy appointment does not create an employer/employee relationship and does not require an I-9 to be completed.

Courtesy Letter Request

The letter requesting the appointment should be written by the host Department Chair (or in case of centers, from the Center Director) and addressed to the Interim Executive Deans James Masschaele and Susan Lawrence.

A Courtesy Request should have the following information:

• Name of appointee
• Title (all titles must begin with 'Visiting' i.e., Visiting Scholar, etc)
• Appointment dates
   Appointments may be made for a maximum of one year, and may be reappointed, or extended in subsequent years.
   The appointment shall not exceed two successive appointments for more than two successive years unless approved by the Division Dean. 
• Reason for visit
• Faculty sponsor
• CV must be attached to the request

SAS Contact Information

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Kisha Phillips - Human Resources Manager

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