Hiring Manager Resources:

Telecommuting Resources

The SAS Telecommuting Information and Resources site has been created to provide you with information and resources.  You will find needed policies, forms, and tools to assist you and your staff in working remotely.

Onboarding and Orientation:

Please use the following guide to prepare for your new employee to begin their employment with Rutgers University:

Prior to start date:

  1. Ensure that the employee has accepted the offer, signed an offer letter and completed a background check. Please make sure that the employee's start date is AFTER all of these tasks have been completed.
  2. Forward the new employee's new hire form, signed offer letter, and completed background check certification to the SAS-HR On-boarding Team.
  3. The SAS-HR On-boarding Team will schedule a meeting with the employee to complete the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification process and collect all supporting documentation.
    1. The Employee will need to be physically present during this meeting.
    2. Please note: the I-9 needs to be completed on or prior to the employee's start date in order to be compliant with Federal regulations. To find out what is needed during the I-9 appointment, please visit our 'For New Employees or Re-hires' Page.
    3. If the employee is being re-hired, please contact the SAS On-boarding Team.
    4. For more information on the I-9 process and who needs to complete one, please visit the 'I-9 and E-verify' page.
  4. The SAS-HR Onboarding Team will then submit the payroll record into the HCM Rutgers Payroll System for processing.
  5. After the hire has been submitted into HCM by the SAS On-boarding Team, the department approver will be notified to review and approve the record.
  6. The hire will be reviewed by either University Human Resources or Academic Labor Relations.
  7. As the Hiring Manager, please make sure to do the following in order to prepare for your employee's first day:
    1. Request Emaill Account
    2. Notify Facilities/IT of new hire
    3. Provide employee with keys and/or swipe card access
    4. Ensure work space is ready (clean area, functional computer, etc).
    5. Determine if the employee will be driving to campus. If so, please submit a temporary parking request to the Department of Public Safety.
  8. The following resources will be discussed with the employee at their I-9 appointment with the SAS-HR On-boarding Team, but please be prepared to review these resources with the employee upon their start date:
    1. NetID activation
    2. Parking
      1. How to Apply for a Parking Pass
      2. Where can you park as a staff member?
    3. ID Cards
    4. Employee Self Service
    5. Information for Faculty & Staff
    6. University Policy Library
    7. Campus Map
  9. Schedule a meeting with an SAS-HR representative (usually the SAS-HR representative that assisted you during the hiring process) to perform the SAS Orientation with you and your new employee. Please note that this is different than the orientation hosted by UHR.

First week of Employment:

  1. Send email to department announcing the arrival of new employee (include name, title, office location, and contact information).
  2. Update master phone lists and website to reflect new hire
  3. Order New Name Plates
  4. Update and distribute Emergency/Inclement Weather Contact List, if appropriate
  5. Walk employee around to introduce to fellow co-workers
  6. Remind employee to submit completed benefit forms to University Human Resources within 30 days of hire
  7. Remind employee to obtain a parking permit after they have received their first paycheck

Within the First 90 Days:

  1. Schedule time with new employee to review work performance prior to the end of the 90 day probationary period. Hiring Manager should be prepared to discuss performance against goals, review opportunities/challenges and next steps.


For a complete list of responsibilities, please visit the New Employee Orientation Toolkit for Managers..