The SAS Onboarding Portal was created as a form of communication between SAS-HR and the departments/units to provide a place to submit all job details and upload all necessary documentation to hire new employees in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Department Queue: Department enters new employee information and job details to initiate a new onboarding request. Please note, departments will not be responsible for entering new hires for Class 1 Staff, Class 3, and Class 4 employees. SAS-HR will initiate those hires within the portal.

SAS HR Review Queue: SAS Onboarding Team reviews department information to determine if an employee will be required to complete a new I-9 Form. 

Employee Queue: The new hire will receive an email prompt to access the portal and enter their personal information. Once completed, SAS-HR will receive an alert to initiate the onboarding processes.

I-9 Queue: If an I-9 is required,  a remote I-9 will be initiated with UHR per the employee information provided. If an I-9 is not required, new employee would bypass this queue. 

Payroll/Template Base Hire Queue: Upon I-9 completion, SAS-HR will submit the payroll record and appropriate documentation to the University HCM payroll system for activation. Once the hire has been processed, an email confirmation will be sent to both the hiring unit and employee. The department approver must review and approve the payroll record in HCM. Once the record is approved at the department level, it will be sent to UHR’s HCM unit for final review and approval. At that time, the employee’s new record will become active and generate an Employee ID (if this is their first appointment within the university).