When changes occur in your department's programs (i.e. new Master's/Ph.D programs), staffing patterns (i.e. due to retirements or layoffs/terminations), or resources (i.e. new or loss of funding) you may want to look at your staffing structure to see where adjustments can be made. Department reorganization can increase efficiency and optimize effort with the resources available. The Office of Human Resources will gladly assist you with all of your department reorganizing needs.

SAS Process

  • Gather all CARF's/duties for current staff
  • Gather current Organization chart
  • Create proposal of reorganization (optional)
  • SAS-HR can assist in performing a Needs Assessment in the department. A representative from SAS-HR collects information and feedback from stakeholders and makes recommendations to the department. 

For more information regarding department reorganization, please contact:

  • Vivian Santamaria-Vega for Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Office of Undergraduate Education, and SAS Dean's Office
  • Diane Jones for Life Sciences, Math & Physical Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Centers

School Administration Offices